Last summer, I used the Monzo API for a little project. I built a web app that allows me to transfer money to a savings pot without needing to interact directly with the bank.

The concept was to leverage a user’s natural empathy and nurturing instincts in order to help them save. Saver pig personified the user’s savings account as a baby piglet called Winston. He needed constant nourishment in order to be happy and grow. Every time the user fed Winston, they automatically transferred money into their savings pot. So basically, your savings account was a Tamagotchi.

Goals would be set at the start, and the app would calculate how much you needed to save per week in order to reach your savings goal by the deadline. Winston’s hunger would then be proportionate to that amount.

I developed it with my friend who’s an accountant and we both had the goal of making it commercially available… but sadly the banks of the world don’t trust us to put our digital hands in other people’s bank accounts willy nilly 🤷🏼‍♂️so we had to wake up and smell the bacon.

It was a sad day when we let the project go. A strong bond to Winston had developed. *sad oink* 🐷

Have you done anything cool with the Monzo API? Tell me about it! I love hearing about all the interesting ways people can use it.